2017 Dec 20

The 1st RIHN/UCB International Workshop (Norie Tamura, Mai Kobayashi, Daniel Niles)

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On November 6-7th,  the first RIH/UCB International Workshop “Food, Agriculture, and Human Impacts on the Environment: Japan, Asia and Beyond” to commemorate the signing of a memorandum of understanding was held on the Berkeley campus. Norie Tamura (WG 3 Chair/Seniro Researcher), Mai Kobayashi (Project Researcher) and Daniel Niles (Associate Professor) gave talks on the WG3 research outputs as follows: Part I. Food and Agriculture Session 2. Organic agriculture and scale: Balancing environmental and consumer demands Mai Kobayashi | What we see from Bhutan and its relationship with ‘organic’ agriculture Bhutan has been portrayed as a “lighthouse” in the world of...

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2017 Sep 26

Norie Tamura gave a lecture at NPO Senior Shizan Daigakkou lecture series (2017/08/26)

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NPO Senior Shizen Daigakkou based in Osaka promotes environmental education and sociocultural activities. As a part of these activities, Professor Emeritus Masaru Tanaka at Kyoto University coordinates a lecture series of “Shizengaku (nature studies)” regarding the global environment. The 9th of its series in 2017 was held on August 26th at which Norie Tamura, WG3 Chair, gave a lecture entitled “Shoku wo meguru shohi to seisan no arubeki sugata (how food consumption and production should be)”. As many as 164 pax, mainly the members of NPO, participated this time. The lecture started off with what kind of environmental impacts are...

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2017 Sep 07

GIAHS fieldwork report on Humanity&Nature Newsletter No. 67

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The report on fieldwork that Norie Tamura, WG3 Chair conducted at GIAHS site - Takachihogo-Shiibayama Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry System - in Miyazaki Prefecture was published on Humanity&Nature Newsletter No. 67. The GIAHS designation recognizes the value of what local residents see as a part of their everyday life at the international level. Yet, the great significance of GIAHS lies in its potential to link more recent knowledge and technologies to local/traditional livelihood and explore the brighter future, says Tamura. Please check the article (p.5~6) from the following link (Japanese only). Humanity&Nature Newsletter No. 67  

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2017 Jul 31

XVI Biennial IASC-Conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Norie Tamura, Senior Project Researcher and Mai Kobayashi, Project Researcher took part in XVI Biennial International Association for the Study of the Commons-Conference held in Utrecht, the Netherlands from July 10th to 14th, 2017, at which they presented on the following topics. Norie Tamura and Mikitaro Shobayashi "Analyzing differences in how small-scale farming and local commons are viewed between central and local governments: A case study in Japan" Mai Kobayashi "Bhutan’s fertility transition: organic agriculture and the adaptation of peasant farmers in the Himalayan Kingdom" Abstract: Efforts towards agricultural modernization in Bhutan officially started in the 1960s after the opening...

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