Workshop on Future of School Lunch in Obuse, Nagano

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On the 24th March, a visioning workshop on future of school lunch was help in Obuse, Nagano Pref. Approx. 40 people mainly from Obuse joined this workshop and explored how the ideal school lunch should look like in 30 years from now. “Tsutaeru Shoku to Nou Link Net Shinshu”, an information paper on Nagano’s food and agriculture, has published a report about this meeting, which you can access from here  (in Japanese).

FEAST Project at the World Social Science Forum 2018! (Steven R. McGreevy, Project Leader)

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From September 25th to 28th, many of us from FEAST HQ attended the World Social Science Forum 2018 in Fukuoka, held at the Fukuoka International Congress Center. Since RIHN was one of the consortium partners for the Forum, it was important for the institute to have a significant presence at the event. It was also a time to show the potential of the new research programs for integrated, cross-cutting discussions of relevant themes and concepts. We were surprised to learn that all three FEAST session proposals and the Program 3 session proposal were accepted. Indeed, RIHN’s fingerprints were all over the Forum program, with nearly 10 sessions in total. When …

A short film "First Harvest" documenting Kyoto University of Arts and Design Beekeeping Club is now released!

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A short firm “First Harvest” is now ready for viewing, which Rika Shinkai of the FEAST Mitsubachi Team interviewed a beekeeping club at Kyoto University of Art & Design with Dr. Martin Gruber, a visual anthropologist at the University of Bremen. <First Harvest> The film ‘First Harvest’ introduces some of the Kyoto University of Arts and Design Beekeeping Club’s activities. Under the guidance of their teacher a number of students come together regularly to keep a colony of Japanese Honeybees on the premises of their University. The film juxtaposes interview material and observational footage of the students’ first honey harvest. ‘First Harvest’ deals with beekeeping practice and the acquisition of …

Seminar about Future of Food and Agriculture in Nagano at the Monthly Meeting of NAGANO Agrifood Society

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On the 28th of August, a monthly meeting of “NAGANO Nou to Shoku no Kai (NAGANO Agrifood Society)” was held in Matsushiro, Nagano, at which Steven McGreevy, FEAST Project Leader, had an opportunity to give a talk entitled “Future of food and agriculture in Nagano: The role of citizens in transition to a Sustainable Society”. Despite the fact that way more food than human require are produced on the planet, people suffer from famine in many parts of the world. And if we look at Japan in particular, its food miles are notoriously ranked number one in the world and at the same time Japan is dependent on virtual water. …