Food Chain Transparency
About This Group

WG5 sets out to develop a smartphone app that tells the backstory of food products using existing and developed LCA data and improving various sustainability assessment criteria. Ecological, so-cial, and health impacts are the three target factors around which a suite of data sets will be orga-nized for various food categories. Close cooperation with key stakeholders in the food industry will be needed to maximize the impacts of this work and steps are being taken to ensure this is possi-ble.

Main Members
Atsushi Inaba
Professor, Kogakuin University
Atsushi Inaba joined AIST in 1981. He had led the activities related to LCA in Japan as the director of Research Center of LCA, AIST since 2001. He was a professor of the University of Tokyo since 2005 to 2008, and then he moved to Faculty Engineering, Kogakuin University in 2009. He was one of co-chairs of ISO/TC207/SC5-WG6 (Re-edition of ISO-14040 series) in 2005-2007, and he was a chairperson of the pilot project of Carbon Footprint of Products in Japan in 2007-2012. He has attended the activity of the 5th assessment report of IPCC-WG3 as a lead author of Chapter 12 (Human Settlement) in 2012-2015.
Publications and outputs

Potential impacts of information disclosure designed to motivate Japanese consumers to reduce carbon dioxide emissions on choice of shopping method for daily foods and drinks

Abstract: Information disclosure associated with carbon dioxide emissions of goods or services may be useful for stimulating consumers to make choices to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The scope of this study was to analyze the potential impact of information disclosure on consumer choices of daily shopping method through an internet survey of Japanese residents (2630 subjects). Japanese con...

Development of weighting factors for G20 countries—explore the dif-ference in environmental awareness between developed and emerging countries

Abstract Purpose: Weighting is one of the steps involved in LCIA. This enables us to integrate various environmental impacts and facilitates the interpretation of environmental information. Many different weighting methodologies have already been proposed, and the results of many case studies with a single index have been published. LIME2 (Itsubo et al. Int J Life Cycle Assess 17(4):488-498, 2...